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For Louis' full CV, including exhibitions and collections, download Louis Turpin, 'Life and Times'

Louis Talk

Louis talks about his approach to painting at Rye Art Gallery, October 2021.

Press Comments

The Oldie

Exhibitions page. Review of the Louis Turpin and Mick Rooney joint show at the Fosse Gallery exhibition, Stow-on-the-Wold

Huon Mallalieu, Nov 2020

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Louis, Saturday Telegraph picture

Country Life

Review of Review of the Louis Turpin and Mick Rooney joint show Fosse Gallery exhibition, Stow-on-the-Wold

Huon Mallalieu, Oct 2020

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The Oldie

Artists Magazine (USA) April 2020 edition

The Garden on the Wall

John A Parks, April 2020

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Cotswolds Homes Magazine

Cotswolds Homes Magazine, feature. Review of Louis' Fosse Gallery exhibition, Stow-on-the-Wold

Matt Dicks, Spring 2018

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The Oldie

The Oldie, Exhibitions page. Review of Louis' Fosse Gallery exhibition, Stow-on-the-Wold

Huon Mallalieu, Mar 2018

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Galleries Magazine

Galleries Magazine 'Thumbnail article' about Louis' exhibition at the Bohun Gallery, Henley, in September 2017

Galleries, Sept 2017

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Henley Standard

Review of the Garden Journeys exhibition at the Bohun Gallery, Henley

Joanna McGinn, Henley Standard, Sept 2017

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Great Dixter Journal

"In October 2016, Great Dixter hosted an exhibition of works by Louis Turpin, painter of gardens and landscapes."

Louis Turpin, 2017

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Garden Square News

"This painting of Cleveland Square, W2, was included in this year's Royal Academy Summer Exhibition."

p19, Autumn 2015 edition

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The Artist Magazine

Louis describes to Vivien Donald how underpainting is used to enhance the vibrant colours in his paintings, sometimes with a glint of gold leaf.

Vivien Donald, Nov 2014

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Saturday Telegraph

"He has long been established as one of Britain's leading horticultural artists.

Working in oils, he starts with a brightly coloured semi-abstract ground over which he builds the image in patches. This creates a tapestry-like effect, which suits the Victorian-gothic character of many of the gardens he paints, where rather than standing back to view a grand design, the viewer is overwhelmed by a barrage of subtly differentiated colours and textures. And it's clear he sees the gardeners who create them as kindred spirits, who are in effect painting with plants."

Mark Hudson, 07 Sep 2013

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Gardens Illustrated

A passion for gardens

"Leading horticultural artist Louis Turpin is showing a selection of garden paintings in his latest exhibition at the Bohun Gallery in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire."

Sorrel Everton, October 2013

Gardens Illustrated article

The Lady

"Louis Turpin is a leading horticultural painter who captures in vivid colour the glorious fireworks of gardens such as Great Dixter in East Sussex, the new allotments at Sissinghurst, and also Burton Agnes and Newby Hall."

Sarah Langton-Lockton, Sept 2013

The Lady article

A Passion for Gardens, Bohun Gallery 2013

"Louis Turpin, with his broad brush strokes, vivid use of colour that captures the spirit of Dixter, and the depth in his paintings, brings floral tapestries alive on the canvas. His visual awareness captures the essential sense of place, bringing the spirit to life with paint.

His observations are acute, and his love for flowers, the countryside beyond, strong shapes and flowing communities of colour, are transferred onto his working medium dripping with seasons and a celebration of floral opulence."


the Bohun catalogue

Oxford Mail, Reading Post

"Louis' broad brushstrokes and vivid use of colour also capture the essence of garden designer Dan Pearson's privately commissioned gardens and well-known British gardens including Agnes Burton and Kew."

Caroline Cook, Aug 2013

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River Valleys and Gardens, Langham Gallery 2012

"What is noticeable is the precise (but not over-literal) acuity with which Turpin delineates each plant and tree species. He says 'there is a tight linearity in the painting, which is quite detailed but also made up of areas of vibrant colours'. He is not aiming for meticulous realism, however, but rather an evocative impressionism so that 'if you know your plants, you would be able to identify them all here'."

the Langham catalogue

Sunday Express 'Classic Magazine'

Gardener in oils

"The man who creates the most beautiful gardens in Britain does it not with a fork and spade, but with a brush and paint."

Jake Phillips, Aug 95

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Louis Turpin, in Brief
Louis Turpin at work

Born in post-war London, the eldest son of artists living in Brixton.

Turpin trained in Fine Art Painting at Falmouth School of Art and has worked full-time as a painter since 1985 and exhibited widely. He has had many solo shows in London, Bath, Henley, Oxford, York, Rye, Greeenwich Connecticut and Paris. He has also exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, The Royal Academy, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters and international art fairs.

Turpin's paintings deal with colour and form, bold gestural areas of colour jostle with each other held together by fine confident lines. The subjects are observed and translated into Turpin's distinctive works. These range from landscape through gardens and ponds to sheep and snowscapes. He has also explored the human figure in its environment, a reference back to his film making days, and paints a number of portrait commissions each year. Since 2008, Louis has also been producing a series of works on paper with ink and brush.

For Louis' full CV, including exhibitions and collections, download Louis Turpin, 'Life and Times'