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Video edited by Silas Money, including footage shot by Louis in the late 60s in Falmouth:

Heading Out to Sea

A selection of videos from a Fundrasing Concert at Christ Church, Chorleywood, Nov 2012:

Forever Young

Good Morning Mr Blues

Further on down the Road

Fishing Blues

Tell Your Sister

Picture in the frame

All along the Watchtower

...and some others from the past few years

Turpin/Hubbard Band at the Plough

Louis Turpin Trio at Salehurst Halt

Turpin/Hubbard Band at the Plough

Turpin/Hubbard Band at the Plough

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In addition to a busy life as a painter, I am also a singer/songwriter and guitar player. The Turpin Brothers Blues band was formed in the early eighties and appeared at numerous Jazz & Blues concerts, headlined twice at the University of Kent at Canterbury and played regularly to audiences in pubs, clubs and at private functions in Kent, Sussex and London.

New Album Out Now!!

Our new album, Heading out to Sea, is now available. You can buy it directly from here, using the PayPal link below the cover picture. I still have a few copies of House Up on the Hill left, so you can get a copy of that as well if you like. Only £10 each with Free Postage.

New CD, Heading Out to Sea
House Up on the Hill

Currently, my line-up alternates between the Turpin/Hubbard duo with Roger Hubbard, Trio with Bruce Allen on percussion and the Turpin/Hubbard Band, which also includes Colin Gibson on base. Roger is an accomplished guitar player (electric, slide, National) who also waxes lyrical on the mandolin and sings.

Recent Pictures

Turpin-Hubbard Band at the Ypres, Rye
Turpin-Hubbard Band at the Ypres, Rye
Turpin-Hubbard Band at the Ypres, Rye
Turpin-Hubbard Band at the Ypres, Rye
Turpin-Hubbard Band at the Ypres, Rye
Turpin-Hubbard Band at the Ypres, Rye
Turpin-Hubbard Band at the Ypres, Rye
Turpin-Hubbard Band at the Ypres, Rye

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In the 70's and 80's the name of the band changed almost as often as the line up, which included at different times (and occasionally all at once) piano, saxes, tuba, sousaphone, flute, fiddle and assorted percussion. In 1979, my brother Jem joined me on harmonica, and the Turpin Brothers blues band was born. Jack Peach, a well-known session drummer, played with us at several early gigs and soon became a permanent member of the band. Derek Heffernan on electric lead guitar joined the band in 1980 to complete the regular line-up.

The venues expanded to include festivals and Universities. We featured several times at The Black Horse Festival, Telham and at Canterbury University. The Turpin Brothers blues band played regular gigs in pubs and clubs and private functions in London, Brighton and around the South-East until late 1997.

Prehistory involved fronting vocals to two blues bands and working a blues duo with guitarman Gareth Hedges in and around London. Venues included Eel Pie Island, Les Cousins and Bungies. During a three month stay in USA, I learnt to play guitar courtesy of Steve Millar Band bass man Lonnie Turner. On return to UK, played host to the legendary Blind Gary Davis and learnt some more guitar. Re-emerged in the early 70's in East Sussex playing solo gigs locally, in Wittersham and Stone on the Isle of Oxney, Rye, Hastings, Ashford and Maidstone.